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Water Filters

The Avesa Wellness Water system with Crystal Boost® technology offers healthy mineralized water without any need for electricity. It is 100% safe and offers health benefits a standard water filter is unable to achieve.

Avesa Wellness Water system with Crystal Boost technology features five powerful Filters!

Filter 1: Sediment (“Clean”)
The sediment filter reduces particles such as dirt and sand from the feed water. This helps to protect the other filters. Depending upon the quality of your water supply, this filter will need to be changed every 2 to 6 months. We recommend a 3-month change cycle under normal conditions.
Buy Sediment Filter here.
Filter 2: Pre-Carbon (“Purify”)
Keeps the hydrogen ion concentration between 7.5 and 8.5, this alkaline filter removes free radicals which can cause aging in the human body. Offers an ORP (anti oxidant value) of -300mV. Has antibiotic qualities. Includes minerals: Ca, K, Mg, Na and offers negative ions to the water. Useful life is 7,200 liters of water. Change annually.
Buy Pre-Carbon Filter here.
Filter 3: Ceramic-Alkaline (“Healthy”)
This filter, made from high temperature processed carbon, collects chlorine, THMs and organic contaminates through a powerful adsorption system. This filter safeguards your health and reduces bacteria. Change every year.
Buy Alkaline Filter here.
Filter 4: Post-Carbon (“Tasty”)
Reduces dissolved gases, germs, bad smells and conditions the water to insure natural taste and feel. Change every 6 months.
Buy Post-Carbon Filter here.
Filter 5: Crystal Boost® Technology (“Garden of Eden”)
The unique Crystal Boost® system give the water a vortex spin that actually lifts the vibrational quality of the water. Imagine pure fresh water from a high mountain stream! The Crystal Boost® contains pure quartz crystals from deep within the earth. These silicon dioxide crystals erase the negative memory of the water and lift the vibration of the water to a “Garden of Eden” level.

Avesa Wellness Water with Crystal Boost® Technology is a quantum leap forward. Enjoy water that is clean, healthy and carries an energy that is spiritually uplifted and alive! Avesa Wellness water assists you to clean your internal cells and organs. As you enjoy this gift you will experience a new vitality for life.
The Crystal Boost filter does not require changing or replacement.

A product for people who know that vibrant health is a choice.

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