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El Dorado Oil Cold Pressed Chia Seeds

Matrix Nutrients’ Chia seed oil, used externally as a cosmetic, provides superb natural nutrition for your skin.


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Orgono El Dorado Oil is made from first cold pressed Chia Seed Oil (Salvia hispanica) 50ml

Healing strength of the Gods – Nutrition and Regeneration

“Chia” is Mayan for strength and was more prized than gold by the Aztecs, Mayan, Incas for its extraordinary properties.

Our Chia seed oil, used externally as a cosmetic, provides superb natural nutrition for your skin, with 60% pure omega 3, vitamins and antioxidants that come straight from the bounty of nature. It moisturizes the skin with an effectiveness not seen in any other cosmetic product.

Orgono Chia Seed Oil – Liquid Gold for Your Skin

This oil is rich in essential fatty acids, including 60% linoleic acid/omega 3 and 20% linoleic acid/omega 6. Other lipids include significant amounts of palmitic acid (7%), oleic acid (7%) and stearic acid (3.5%). It also contains lipo-soluble vitamins A and E, along with natural antioxidants.

Chia seed oil nourishes, moisturizes in depth and regenerates the tissue of the skin and the face. Noticeably restoring your complexion to its true beauty and minimizing expression lines. Can be used to lighten dark circles underneath the eyes.

The Chia seed oil can be applied whenever needed for soothing ones skin and provides the feeling and appearance of healthier skin.

Instructions for Use: Apply 2-5 drops (depending on the state of the skin) and gently rub into the area to be covered. Use morning and evening once the skin has been thoroughly cleansed.

Ingredients: Oil from seeds of Salvia hispanica.

Packaging: 50ml bottle, enough for 8 weeks of treatment

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. None of this information regarding silica or our products is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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