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Orgono Sports Recovery

Matrix Nutrients Orgono Living Silica Sports Recovery Supplement is a dietary supplement for athletes that helps diminish joint problems that occur during sports activities.


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The ingredients in Orgono Living Silica Sports Recovery Supplement are organic silicon and the amino acid Glycine – two important ingredients that aid in the recovery of sports-related joint problems which may cause tendinitis, trauma, stretched ligaments, cartilage compression.

Organic Silicon

Silicon is an essential element in the regeneration of collagen fibers. Silicon prolilhidroxilasa stimulates the production of an enzyme that is central to the production of abundant collagen fibers leading towards well lubricated joints. Silicon also improves the quality of elastin and is integral in the process which renovates, repairs, and rejuvenates tissue. It is ideal for use in conditions resulting from stress and overtraining. After a few weeks of treatment with silicon, tendons and ligaments regain their elasticity and strength and therefore reduce injuries. In cases of chronic injury, such as inflammation and discomfort, there are remarkable improvements in most musculoskeletal functions.


Glycine is a basic amino acid in our body, which occurs in natural, but small quantities. Glycine is often given the misnomer “non-essential amino acid,” due to it being produced naturally in the human body rather than requiring oral consumption, but its misnomer does not refer to its importance. According to research pioneered by leading university biochemist, Dr. Enrqiue Melendez, the body is always deficient in this amino acid. Glycine assists in the collage creation process which improves and prevents negative issues with joints. Glycine also helps to restore muscle loss (catabolism) and at the same time to prevent contractions and muscle problems. Glycine is also essential for the natural synthesis of creatine, which helps to increase strength and muscle recovery; ATP production and direct energy storage in muscle.

Within the world of sports, tendons and joints are subjected to very aggressive and traumatic impacts. Organic silicon with glycine helps protect and restore joints. The combination of the two ingredients works towards lubrication and regrowth of stressed cartilage. At the same instance, Orgono Living Silica is very important to lactic threshold and anaerobic training and it uses the Glycine to blocks apoptosis (cell death) so it can oxygenate the blood.

How To Use: Condition of trauma, tendinitis, injuries, etc..: (3) 15ml servings per day. Injury Prevention: (2) 15ml servings per day of the workout session. Ideally spacing morning then evening. Adjust as per schedule. Take 10 minutes before meals.

Product Ingredients: Purified Water, Gylcine, Silicic Acid, Equisetum arvense L. (Horsetail herb), Rosemary (as a preservative)

Presentation: Bottles of 1000 ml, duration 33 days duration at (2) 15ml servings per day of workout

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. None of this information regarding silica or our products is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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