Moringa Oleifera

It's all the craze – touted on nearly every health magazine, website and show as a "miracle product," Moringa is rapidly becoming a very popular whole food supplement. But Moringa has been around for quite some time to treat and aid in the prevention of many ailments as a traditional remedy. Moringa is a plant native to the Himalaya foothills. Many parts of the Moringa plant are edible, including the young seed pods or "drumsticks", mature seeds, leaves, roots, stems, flowers and bark. It has been used for over 200 years in Asia and Africa as both food and medicine, and traces of Moringa oil have even been found in Ancient Egyptian tombs. In Jamaica, the sap is used to produce a blue dye. Moringa's medicinal and nutritional use dates back centuries and as is so often the case, mainstream healthcare has recently taken a look back at the past and brought this incredible plant to the frontlines.

Here at Matrix Nutrients, we bring our customers the most wholesome and specially harvested Moringa products available today from a domestic producer with whom we have a close and honest relationship. Not only do they specialize exclusively in Moringa products and thus have the a comprehensive knowledge on its use, sale and growth than any other business in the United States, but this company also holds dear to its heart a very important mission. They have partnered with numerous groups, individuals and non-profits to bring forth and spread knowledge about this phenomenal tree, expanding its availability worldwide so that as many people as possible can benefit from its countless supportive properties.

Pure, organic, and infused with love and care, these Moringa Oleifera products nourish body, mind, soul and world.

First and foremost, Moringa boasts a superior nutrient profile:
(All values are per 100 grams of edible portion)


Fresh Leaves Dried Leaves
Calories 92 kcal 329 kcal
Carbohydrates 12.5 g 41.2 g
Protein 6.70 g 29.4 g
Fiber 0.90 g 19.2 g
Fat 1.70 g 5.2 g


A rare and sought-after property of Moringa leaf is its complete amino acid content – making it a whole protein. This is the only plant source of the full complement of aminos. Only soybeans, a legume, come close to this type of profile and yet are still inferior. Click here to see the content of specific amino acids present in Moringa Oleifera.

Major Vitamins

Mineral Content

Fresh Leaves Dried Leaves
Calcium 440 mg 2,185 mg
Copper 0.07 mg 0.49 mg
Iron 0.85 mg 25.6 mg
Magnesium 42 mg 448 mg
Phosphorus 70 mg 252 mg
Potassium 259 mg 1,236 mg
Zinc 0.16 mg 3.41 mg


Minerals play an important role in the body. They come in two categories: major minerals which are needed in amounts over 100mg/day and trace minerals of which we require less than 100mg daily. Minerals are water-soluble so toxicity is extremely rare, as we excrete any excess consumed that we do not require. Deficiency, however, is all too common in both developed and developing nations. Due to environmental stresses such as pollution, industrialization and natural degradation, the mineral content of most soils used for agriculture today is severely depleted. Moringa leaves are often used to supplement the diets of mothers and children – life stages in which mineral deficiency is especially harmful.

Presently, many organizations are promoting the use and growth of Moringa in populations struggling with protein, vitamin and mineral scarcities. It is seen as a key contributor to the mitigation of malnutrition, particularly for breastfeeding mothers and children due to its beneficial effect on milk quality and production.


There are over 46 antioxidants and 36 anti-inflammatory compounds all naturally occurring in the Moringa plant. These antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds within Moringa are bound to agents, which provides a synergistic and enhanced effect – thus Moringa's superior rating as an antioxidant food source.

More Moringa Facts/News

  • Moringa Oleifera hydroethanolic extracts effectively alleviate acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity in experimental rats through their antioxidant nature.
  • Potent anti-inflammatory action via zeatin, Quercetin, beeeta-sitosterol, caffeoylquinic acid, and kaempferol.

How Moringa Benefits You

Moringa Oleifera provides the most complete nutritional profile of any known botanical to date. This amazing whole-food supplement can be used preventatively, therapeutically and/or as a beautiful complement to your daily diet. Measured ORAC values place Moringa significantly above known superfoods such as acai, dark chocolate, garlic, blueberries, baobab, goji berries, pomegranate, red wine. Of course, that is not to say that these foods do not remain as powerful gifts to our health and vitality, but it places Moringa among such worthy companions.

Moringa's health benefits have lured copious attention from top research agencies and Universities such as:

Yale University
University of Wisconsin
Johns Hopkins University
United Nations University
Heidelberg University, Germany
University of Zimbabwe, Africa
East Carolina University
Ferrara University, Italy
Wageningen University, Netherlands
University of Calcutta, India

Among the many Scientific Journals that have published Moringa research are:

Human & Experimental Toxicology
International Journal of Food Sciences & Nutrition
Environmental Science & Technology
Indian Journal of Experimental Biology
Ecology of Food and Nutrition
European Journal of Pharmacology
British Journal of Nutrition
Journal of Applied Phycology
Journal of Medicinal Food
Journal of Ethnopharmacology

Matrix Nutrients Moringa, Moringa Powder Uses

Our Moringa product is made into the form of a powder, which can be added to any food or made into a drink.

The powder is made fresh from the Moringa Tree with no fillers or additives. The leaves, seeds, barks or roots are harvested and dried, then milled. No other processing is required. The Nature Doctor sources only the highest quality Moringa from secure and fair sources with strictly regulated manufacturing practices.

Moringa powder makes a pleasant cold or hot tea with just a ½ tsp per cup. It keeps well without refrigeration. A pound should last you 4-6 weeks with regular use. Add to smoothies, blended drinks, salads, soups and stews for extra nutrient pow!

Moringa also makes an excellent oil, which is clear and odorless and resists rancidity. It can be used as a fertilizer and to purify water.

Many people ask how much Moringa is safe to consume. Similar to acai, goji and other "super foods" there is no specifically set RDA or limit. We recommend supplementing your diet with 1-2 capsules or 1-2 tsp powder per day. As with any new addition, be sure to maintain awareness of your body when starting Moringa and if you have any questions or concerns, contact your healthcare professional or consult with our staff nutritionist, Tina Burnat. Therapeutic doses and use for specific medical concerns may vary, however the above recommendations are considered safe for almost anyone. Moringa is a nutritious food product that is not known to cause any side effects or adverse reactions in the normal individual. Capsules are gluten and sugar-free and suitable for vegans and vegetarians.