Whole Food Nutrients and Supplements

At Matrix Nutrients, we believe the best nutrition starts with organic whole food.

fresh orangesDid you know our soil is 55% to 85% less nutrient dense than it was 60 years ago? 

The best nutritrition for your body is whole food, food that's organically grown, matured on the vine, right from the garden. However, most of our foods are depleted of necessary nutrition, even when grown in the best of environments. These days it's difficult to get adequate nutrition from our diet alone.

When looking for a good supplement it's important to go back to the food source. Matrix Nutrients Organic Whole Food Supplements are made using a special method that preserves the entire whole food matrix and are as close to nature and the food source as possible.

Our exclusive Organic Whole Food Nutrients are recognized by the body as food because they are:

Grown especially for Matrix Nutrients
Fully ripened on the vine
Processed to keep Food Matrix intact and complete
Deliver the full nutritional value of the food to the body
Bioavailable and Chemical Free

The Difference of Organic Whole Food Supplements

Even when labeled "natural" most vitamins and supplements available on the market today are actually made of an isolated chemical substance containing only the synthetically produced chemical. They are labeled as "natural" because they don't contain… ingredients.

Matrix Nutrients Organic Whole Food Nutrient Vitamins & Minerals are described as "food" supplements because they are complete with other food nutrients that are necessary for proper absorption within the body.

The standard "natural" vitamin is a synthesized chemical, not recognized by the body, and is poorly absorbed.

Developed by our scientists in England

Recognizing the need for a better, naturally-made vitamins and minerals, our scientists went to work to find methods that use whole foods, rather than chemicals, that are properly absorbed and used by the body, and that have a high level of nutrient content.

How Organic Whole Food Supplements are made

The active vitamin is "fed" into the most suitable plant medium for it, with enzymes to digest it fully. For example, citrus pulp is used for re-naturing ascorbic acid, because it is naturally high in Vitamin C. In this way, the vitamins integrate so thoroughly that it is fully incorporated into the food matrix.

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