Getting back to nature is the intent of Matrix Nutrients.

We believe that the solutions to our health dilemmas have been provided in a natural and unprocessed state by Mother Earth. Using these gifts as they existed for centuries is how to truly heal and honor your body, mind and spirit. And yet, with the degradation to the earth over the years, the ability of Mother Earth to produce healing foods and remedies has been diminished. Therefore we at Matrix Nutrients have created a bridge to those natural healing gifts of the earth with the products we provide.

Matrix Nutrients has the utmost respect for maintaining the energetic and physical integrity in the quality of products we provide. Matrix Nutrients products utilize everything from prayer and bio-harvesting to the most advanced state of the art lab equipment and scientific advancements to ensure that you receive a product with the greatest benefit to your body.

Organic Whole Food Nutrients

Supplementation has become increasingly important in our diets. In today's world, regretfully, our food is deficient in many important essential minerals and nutrients vital to our health and well-being.

It is scientifically known that we are no longer getting the nutrients our body is meant to have from our food source. In 1992, the Earth Summit Report concluded that over the previous 60 years the mineral content in our soil had depleted by up to 85% (North America being the highest in soil depletion). And as long ago as 1936 the US Senate recognized the growing problem of chemicals used in farming and subsequently the depletion in nutrients and wrote:

“The alarming fact is that foods (fruit, grains and vegetables) now being raised on millions of acres of land, no longer contain enough of certain minerals and are starving us no matter how much we eat.”

As well, over the years, our seas have become greatly polluted and our fish stocks disseminated, meaning our fleets need to go further out, which in turn requires more fish to be frozen, and this greatly reduces nutritional content.

With Matrix Nutrients' line of Whole Food Nutritional Supplements, you can target those nutrients that are not provided readily in our food source and support your body in healing the ailments that have arisen due to lack of bio-available vitamins and minerals in our food sources today. With Matrix Nutrients supplements you can establish nutritional balance to maintain and support your health.

Matrix Nutrients Whole Food nutritional supplements are a cut above the rest. They are made differently.

We start with organic whole foods, right from the farm. We use a process, engineered by our scientists that keeps the Food-Maxtrix intact, providing the full nutrients of the food to your body. So instead of breaking down the food into individual isolated components, our supplements contain all the whole food in it's original state, in the proper proportions, just like the food you eat is meant to have. In other words, our Vitamin C has the same nutritional components as the Vitamin C in a nutritionally-grown organic orange. This is what is referred to as the "Food-Matrix".

Because our process keeps the Food-Matrix intact and complete your body can use the Organic Whole Food Nutrient the same as it does food. And this "food" is higher quality than most foods on the store shelves. There is a huge amount of evidence that the "Food-Matrix" delivery system we use in our Organic Whole Food Nutrients supplement line is superior to others using isolates. As well, we believe it is superior to those claiming to use whole foods and natural ingredients.

Compare our products with others. One thing you will note is that the Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA) are less than most other supplements on the market and for GOOD reason, our product is much more available to your body and therefore we do not always need the RDS amounts. Due to the other supplements not being in a food-matrix form (containing whole food components) as ours is, they must increase the amounts such that your body gets enough of the nutrients. BUT in doing so, your body must deal with the over abundance of isolated nutrients and there is more and more evidence that this leads to toxicity. Most of the time, the supplements you are taking to be healthy are contributing to your level of toxicity.

More and more people understand that Mother Nature knows best. We must move more in the direction of acknowledging the wisdom of Mother Earth and GET BACK TO NATURE.

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