Anti-Aging: Benefits of Silica and Silicium

Silica levels in the tissues reduce with age


Well-known researchers have indicated a general reduction in silica levels in the body during the aging process. It has been shown by means of sophisticated tissue analysis that the level of silica in the human body begins to decrease from the age of ten, whereby this decrease is more noticeable from the age of 35. Silicium G5 has proven to be the most effective replenishment thanks to its greater bioavailability.

Hence, for example, the amount of silica in the tegumentary tissues diminishes by 30%; the amount of silica found in the aortic wall, studied in depth by Loeper, was found to be 4 times higher in children than in the elderly. James Duke (1998) indicates that silica absorption is diminished with age and the decrease in estrogen, which in turn, determines the tendency towards decalcification, which is potentially typical of menopause.

Silica is an excellent antidote of aluminum and other heavy metals which accumulate in our tissues. It diminishes the intestinal absorption of these contaminants and provokes an increase in their urinary excretion. Silica 'cleans' the heavy metals and eliminates them. This has been demonstrated in diverse studies since 1972 by Doctor Edith Muriel Carlisle at the University of Los Angeles, and recently in another study carried out at the University Rovira i Virgili of Tarragona, where it has been shown that the concentrations of heavy metals diminish in brain and nerve tissues with a supplement of assimilable silica. In the magazine 'Nutrition Today', Forrest Nielsen considers it as a good prevention against Alzheimer's disease and other senile degeneration.

Anti-aging mechanisms

Today, it is well known that fifth generation organic silica fights sclerosis of the tissues. This destructuring action is caused by two important mechanisms: lipidic peroxidation and non-enzymatic glycosilation.

Lipidic peroxidation is caused by the aggressive action of the free radicals, which are particles with a strong oxidising power. They combine quickly and have a very short yet extremely destructive lifespan. According to our studies, which are corroborated by external sources, Silicium reduces the probability of the formation of these free radicals: this protective action is demonstrated in the experiments with fibroblasts. The production of free radicals may be caused by external aggressions. At skin level, they may be caused by excessive exposure to the sun's rays.

The other cause of sclerosis or degeneration and hardening of the tissues is non-enzymatic glycosilation, which is a denaturising process of the structural molecules, by binding glucose molecules.

This phenomenom is linked to a deficiency of an essential element: silica. The glycosilation phenomenon begins in the thirties and increases with age. It reduces the elasticity of the arteries and the skin. Our studies show that silicium G5 slows down the glycosilation phenomenon.

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