Why Alkaline Water?

Why do Health-Conscious people choose Alkaline water?

Quite simply, as human beings our body chemistry thrives when it's in an alkaline state. Many studies have demonstrated that an alkaline state is necessary for superior health and vitality. This coveted state of being can be obtained by drinking alkaline water!

Key Alkaline Water Benefits:

  • Superior Hydrator for your body
  • A powerful Detoxifier
  • Promotes weight loss/weight normalization
  • Improves the flavor of cooked vegetables
  • Buffers the acidity of coffee & tea – improves the taste!
  • Reduces disease potential
  • Slows bone loss
  • Slows aging
  • Neutralizes acid in your bloodstream, less fatigue!
  • Helps your body to absorb nutrients more effectively
  • It tastes great!

Most competitive systems use electricity, actually electrocuting the water to make it "alkaline". (This imprints the water's etheric memory with an un-natural signal!) The Avesa Wellness Water System uses volcanic natural minerals to return your water to its natural state and crystalizes the water to regain a healthy signature. Avesa Water is truly superior and less costly!

How is Avesa Alkaline water different from other systems?

  1. We refuse to ‘electrocute’ the water! Traditional ionizers may produce high levels of alkalinity, but they do this at a high cost. The competition uses electricity to offer you drinking water and those machines also waste 50% of the water down the drain. Most of those competitors charge well over $1000 per machine. Even after paying such a high price for the device, you still need to purchase water filters for those ionizer. These filters can cost you another $60 to $120 per year.  We will save you money while protecting your health.
  2. The Avesa Wellness Water system with Crystal Boost® Technology offers healthy alkaline water sensibly priced under $500. In addition, you spend zero money on electricity without wasting precious water due to the electrical ionization. Avesa Wellness Water saves you money!
  3. Avesa alkaline water is crafted by flowing the pre-filtered water over a unique blend of media that offers calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium ions to the water. These essential minerals can be absorbed by the human body and they help to reverse aging, increase metabolism, reduce germs and virus, resist tooth decay, and lower blood pressure.
  4. Competitive electric ionizers do not allow the consumer to clean the internal parts. If the raw water is dirty, then contaminates can remain inside those systems. The Avesa Wellness Water system with Crystal Boost® Technology uses state-of-the-art filtration. Every time you change the filters, it’s like getting a brand new machine!  You can have clean healthy water at all times, even when the power is off. Avesa Wellness Water saves you money and improves your health!

Important information about your municipal water:

Chlorine is used to kill bacteria in the water, however chlorine is not healthy for your body. Trihalomethanes are one of the toxic carcinogens created when Chlorine reacts with organic matter in water. When this organic matter decays (leaves, bark, sediments) Trihalomethanes are formed. This includes chemicals called chloroform, bromoform and dichlorobromethane. Even in small amounts they are all very carcinogenic.

Some studies link THMs (Bromodichloromethane [BDCM]), to possible stillbirths, miscarriages and birth defects, and bladder and rectal cancers.

In summary, all municipal water that has been treated with chlorine is potentially dangerous to your health! In the United States there are new studies now showing a link between chlorinated municipal water and many health problems.

A product for people who know that vibrant health is a choice.

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