Nutritionist, Tina Lubomira Weldon

Tina Lubomira has been studying and practicing holistic nutrition for over 6 years. She holds a B.S. in Nutritional Sciences – Didactic program for Registered Dietitians from Rutgers University (2015) and certification as a Master Herbalist through The Global College of Natural Medicine (2011).

Tina overcame Lyme's disease and other health issues using her own knowledge of nutrition and supplements and utilizing the support and guidance of colleagues in the holistic medical field. The seeded inspiration from this healing experience led her to spend two years as the assistant manager of a vitamin and supplement store in Princeton, NJ before attending college. She continues her work and study with the industry now in private practice. Tina wishes to bring what she has learned to others, sharing the joy of whole foods and wholesome living and supporting them in their achievement of total health and well-being.

She currently resides in the hill country outside Austin, Texas with her husband on a small homestead practicing sustainable land management through regenerative agriculture. They are working to establish an organic farming and education center to promote sustainable agriculture and its connections to human and environmental health. Tina and Orion hold that the model of true sustainable living provides not only high productivity but also a high quality of life. With this ethos and mission, they raise a heritage flock of chickens and ducks, two dairy cows, grow their own produce and are on their way to off-grid energy production.

Tina's primary focus as a nutritionist and health coach is on preventative care through diet, lifestyle and whole food supplements. She believes that these are the key factors to combating most diseases of the body and conventional medicine or surgical intervention are valuable tools to be used only when absolutely necessary, usually in emergency situations.

Tina is happy to be in partnership with Matrix Nutrients and is available for consultations or for answers to any inquiries you may have about the products, the company, or general health topics you wish to discuss with her.

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