PCS MATRIx and Pomi 10X

Thank you I am using PCS MATRIX (8 per day) in combination with POMI 10X(4 per day) over a 3 month period reduced my PSA has gone from 12 to 4.4. My question now is what would be a good maintenance dose of these 2 supplements at this point in time? The supplements are absolutely great, but they are expensive at the level at which I am taking them.
-Rich O,-  FL.

PCS MATRIX – Pomi 10X and Rabdosia Complex

THANK YOU, so much for your products for prostate support, PCS Matrix, Pomi 10X, and Rabdosia Complex. I used these vitamin supplements from January to July the 10th of this year and I went from a 7.3 PSA to a 2.1 PSA count on my third PSA blood test result. I believe that the healing of the nation is in the herbs of the land!! Your products have reaffirmed my belief!!
-Leo H  - MO

Silicia and Joint Pain Relief

I have played soccer since I was 5 years old. I played professional soccer in Malta, Australia, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Brazil, and most recently in Canada for the Windsor Border Stars. I have a company called SoccerWaza and a club called WazaFC. I also teach kickboxing aerobics. I have knee injuries from overuse and tendonitis, but since I started taking the silica and using the gel, my pain has decreased greatly. When I stopped taking it, it returned. Since then, I have continued to use the silica. I recommend this product and I am very thankful this product is available to me today.
-Dominic Scicluna: Professional Soccer Player and Founder of WAZA Soccer

Anti Aging, Collagen and Elasticity plus relief from Joint Pain

I have been using Orgono since February of 2007 and the benefits for me have been like the ´fountain of youth." Before Orgono I was having collagen and botox injections every 3-5 months for my face. Ever since February I have not had one injection and my skin tone has improved immensely. The other benefit I notice is the joints in my knees, from being an avid jogger in my younger years, no longer ache. Nor do the joints in my fingers from aging. I believe in this product and I recommend it to my clients.
-Patricia "Billie" Tobin: CPT, Holistic Health Counselor & Practitioner

Arthritis and Joint Pain Relief

I immediately felt more energy, and then found that my stiffness was lessening and my aching joints were improving. There was no doubt that it had been the silica that had helped, and I will not stop using it. I am not without arthritis symptoms, and some of my joints are probably beyond repair, but I move more freely, I am less stiff, I definitely have more energy, and just feel generally healthier.
-Josephine Greenwald: Healthy Living Enthusiast

Anti Aging, Anti Wrinkles, Colagen and Elasticity

Silicium Silica Regenerating Serum & Essential Elixir: I really like it! Yes, I look at least 5 years younger. At 48 years old, the only wrinkles I have are small laugh lines in the crease of my eyes when I smile – not bad, huh?
– Carrie V. Bloomington, MN.

Arthritis pain and stiffness and Joint Pain Relief

I had been very active in my life playing rugby and polo but when I reached 50 my left should and knees began to hurt which I suffered great discomfort with for a few years and was told I had the beginning stages of arthritis. Then I discovered Orgono Silica and Silicium Gel. My life changed within two weeks. The gel helped remove the soreness from my shoulder but the Orgono Silica really did the job and I am now pain free for 15 months.
– George R. Colorado Springs, CO.