Healthy Joints and Bones

Orgono Silica

Silica for Healthy Joints and Bones

Weakness of the bones, lack of mobility?

The deficiency of certain minerals and vitamins from dietary errors (poor food combinations and the lack of the appropriate elimination of toxins) may lead to premature joint problems.

Silica promotes the deposit of calcium in the bones (See bibliography). It also increases osteoblastic activity and produces natural bone remineralization. It forms part of the glycosaminglycans and collagen, to which it gives its structure. It acts as an activating element of prolylhydroxilase which is an essential enzyme for the synthesis of the 20 known types of collagen. As for cartilages, they can be improved extraordinarily.

Schwarz demonstrated the presence of Silica combined with glycosaminglycans and its role in giving the cartilage structure and consistency.

Which well-known scientists support the role of silica in these problems?

There are many, but we can cite for example Forrest H. Nielsen, in the magazine ´Nutrition Today´: "Today, it is evident that silica is deeply involved in bone formation and the composition of cartilage, the complete development of joint tissue, preventing its degeneration. A silica deficiency may be the cause of some serious joint problems´.

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