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Practitioner and Retailer Opportunities

Matrix Nutrients enjoys a growing number of business relationships with affiliates, professionals, physicians, pharmacies, vitamin shops, health food stores, and other retailers worldwide. We offer special discounts to approved Professionals (practitioners, physicians, chiropractors, nutritional counselors, massage therapists etc.) and Retailers (stores, pharmacies etc.).

If you are interested in joining our network please submit your information using the form below. Be sure to explain in the "details" section the role you are applying for (either practitioner or retailer) and tell us about your business and how this role applies to you.

Professionals / Practitioners

Professionals (we are also calling you "Practitioner") receive special pricing in order to purchase stock to resell through their professional modality. We offer both a Professional/Practitioner discount as well as a higher discount for purchases in bulk quantities. Health Practitioners, Chiropractors, Nutritional Counselors, Physicians, Massage Therapists, etc. are considered Professional Practitioners. Practitioners must purchase a minimum of at least three (3) items per order to qualify for our discount pricing.


Retailers receive special pricing with minimum orders. Retailers must purchase a minimum of at least three (3) items per order to qualify for our discount pricing. The application process is the same as above with follow up by our affiliate manager and manual approval.

As a retailer this implies a "tax-exempt" status. To qualify you will need to supply your Tax ID#. Please provide this in the "details" section of the form below.

All information is treated with confidence. We appreciate your interest and will be in contact shortly.

Practitioner & Retailer Application

Please submit your information using this form to apply for Practitioner & Retailer pricing. In the 'Details' area, tell us about your business and how you will be using Matrix Nutrients' products.