Bones, Joint Pain Relief and Better Health

ORGONO LIVING SILICA: For Bones, Joint Pain Relief (as from Arthritis) & Better Health in General

Matrix Nutrients is proud to introduce Orgono Living Silica, the best bioavailable silica product on the market. Stiff and painful joints limit mobility and can decrease the quality of life. Use Orgono Living Silica to regain an active lifestyle and minimize joint pain discomfort and the stiffness of Arthritis. Specially formulated with natural organic silica to help support bone formation and restore joint health, Orgono Living Silica improves flexibility and mobility so that you feel better and more energetic.

Orgono Living Silica provides the ideal amount and absorption of the essential trace mineral silica. The main component of Orgono is fifth generation organic silicon, monomethyl-silanetriol, CH3 (Si OH)3, one of the best silicon carriers and potentiator of other molecules. This exclusive, patented formula, backed by scientific studies, offers superior nutritional support for your joints and delivers collateral benefits in terms of better skin and reduced cardiovascular risk.

Remember, your body does not store silica. It must be replenished daily.

Orgono Living Silica offers the perfect, unique solution. No other colloidal silica, silicic acid or plant extract based silica supplement on the market provides greater bioavailability or is more effective than Orgono Living Silica. This supplement is the perfect non-colloidal solution: it is a clear, odorless, non-crystallizing liquid with no aftertaste and no side effects, even after years of use. Orgono Living Silica is doctor preferred and recommended.

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