Nutrients and Supplements for Men 45-65

During middle age, men's health and well-being can benefit from special attention both to dietary intake and specific supplementation. Men develop specific needs at this time of life, which are not always satisfied by the foods we consume. It is a sad fact that several nutrients important at this time of life are in short supply within the food chain.

To address the aspect of dietary intake, we need to remind ourselves that our digestive tract benefits from a slightly alkaline environment, and in practical terms this means that 60% of the diet should be based on alkali-forming foods.

Furthermore, the acid- and alkali-forming foods need to be consumed both as cooked and uncooked. This is not to suggest that several fruits and vegetables suitable for consumption only after cooking should be eaten raw. It does, however, remind us that we need ideally about 20% of our daily food intake as raw foods.

One of the key reasons is the supply of enzymes. These are essentially special proteins that are important for the proper processing, digestion and absorption of nutrients. Usually, these enzymes or special proteins manufactured within the human body are formed in the liver. Therefore special attention needs to be given to healthy liver function. It is also valuable to note that several minerals are key to this process, as too are specific beneficial fats. There are different groups of enzymes required for proper biological function. For men in this age range, special attention is needed to an appropriate diet to facilitate proper enzyme manufacture.

We need to recognize that during this time of life, the beneficial gut flora become more important to our digestive process. This flora is known as beneficial bacteria, and from around the age of fifty for most men, the manufacture of these beneficial bacteria is in permanent decline.

In a healthy person, the beneficial bacteria constitute about 90% of the total population within the digestive tract.

We need also to recognize that several of the beneficial bacteria within the digestive tract are responsible for the manufacture of many important B vitamins. Stress and pharmaceutical antibiotics, refined sugar (sucrose), excess consumption of garlic and high consumption of dietary fats and animal proteins do cause a proliferation of detrimental bacteria that can contribute to elevated levels of undesirable harmful free radicals.


The following supplements that are known to be helpful are divided into three groups.

Section 1 Supplements are considered 'first choice'.

Section 2 Supplements are both complementary and synergistic with the 'first choice' supplements.

Section 3 Supplements are considered beneficial for preliminary digestive system cleansing. While optional, they can offer an additional positive process to improving health and wellbeing.

Table of Beneficial Nutritional Supplements

This information is offered as an introduction (in brief) to supplements, herbs, foods and substances known to help with men's health between the ages of 45-65 years of age. This information is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment and it is suggested that sound advice is taken by an appropriately qualified practitioner.

The supplements highlighted are generally considered to be 'first choice', while the additional selected supplements are complementary.

Supplement Suggestions for Men 45 – 65

First Choice Supplements

Nutrient Formula Daily Intake Initial Period Intake Ongoing
Vitamins MultiVitamin-Mineral 1 twice daily 2 weeks 1 daily 1 daily
Minerals Magnesium 1 twice daily 4 weeks 1-2 daily for 3 months 1 daily
Beneficial Fats Essential Fatty Acid Complex 1 twice daily 2 weeks 1 daily 1 daily
Specific Formula Bromelain 1 twice daily 4 weeks 1 daily 1 daily


Complementary Supplements

Nutrient Formula Daily Intake Initial Period Intake Ongoing
Vitamins Antioxidant with Co-Q10 1 twice daily 4 weeks 1 daily 1 daily
Minerals Zinc & Copper 1 twice daily 4 weeks 1-2 daily for 3 months 1 daily


Cleansing Supplements

Nutrient Formula Daily Intake Initial Period Intake Ongoing
Herbals Caprylic Acid Complex 1 twice daily 30 days 1 daily 2 months


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