Orgono Living Silica Solutions

Discover the difference with all-natural orgono living silica on sale at Matrix Nutrients. There are fundamental differences between orgono living silica, orgono living silica gel, orgono living silica liquid, & many competing products containing synthetic ingredients that are frequently promoted under the label of 'natural products'. Find the lowest prices on orgono living silica on sale now.

Our Body's Need For Silica

Orgono Living Silica is an active ingredient which greatly helps general health and is essential for athletes, convalescents, people suffering from tiredness and the elderly. Orgono Silica in our liquid, gel and cream products, acts on the restructuring of cellular membranes, making them more resistant to the peroxidation of phospholipids and the formation of free radicals.

100% Organic Orgono Silica is recommended for:

  • Keeping joints supple and flexible
  • Supporting and protecting the cartilage
  • Bone development and calcium assimilation
  • Rejuvenating tissues
  • Protecting the ligaments and tissue elasticity
  • Healthy hair and nails
  • Demineralization
  • Youthfulness and elasticity of the skin
  • In Spray form, it is good for skin, burns and sunstroke
  • Delaying the effects of aging

Our supply of silica gradually reduces between birth and adulthood, whereby it is an essential trace element for the correct functioning of the organism.

Independent research shows that silica enters in the phosphorus, magnesium and calcium metabolism. It is capable of gradually eliminating the calcium deposits which damage the vascular walls and in turn, allows calcium to deposit on the bone structure. It returns elasticity to our connective tissues, including joints, promoting a general well-being of these tissues.

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