Nutrients and Supplements for Women 45-65

Women's health and well-being can benefit from special attention both to dietary intake and specific supplementation during middle age and beyond. The female body needs additional dietary support during the menopause, which usually occurs between the ages of 45 and 55 (see menopause section for greater detail). Statistics tell us, it is interesting to note, that in western nations the onset of female menopause occurs on average at age 51.

The menopause is not the only change that requires special dietary attention during this phase in women's lives. Several other important health issues need consideration, such as bone health, digestive processes, absorption of nutrients and the ability of the immune system to respond to detrimental bacteria, as well as some viruses that can enter the gut. This is an age of change that affects both mental and physical resources.

It is therefore a time when it is important to recognize and pay diligent attention to dietary needs, taking simple steps such as ensuring that potassium-rich foods are plentiful as cooked vegetables, fruits and raw salads. Potassium helps to balance sodium levels, and reduce this mineral's potentially less desirable effects on heart function, bone health, mood and emotions, and water retention. Sodium is usually taken in as table salt, at the table or in manufactured foods.

Both Females and Males of this age group start to lose the full range of beneficial bacteria in the intestines. These beneficial bacteria are very important to the immune system, and comprise almost 90% of the digestive tract's flora. They are responsible for optimal processing and absorption of healthy food nutrients. They are also responsible for the production of several important vitamins among the vitamin B group of nutrients, as well as vitamin K, a valuable antioxidant that helps protect the liver and boost the immune system.

Maintaining good bone density is prudent at this age, and there is a need to support bone tissue as much as possible. Women unfortunately become more susceptible to bone loss than men at this age.

Hot flushes are a frequent discomfort for many women during the female menopause. It is estimated that up to 75% of menopausal women experience this discomfort. This age group also experiences a reduction in the elasticity of arteries and other blood vessels, and can become more susceptible to varicose veins.


The following supplements that are known to be helpful are divided into three groups.

Section 1 Supplements are considered 'first choice'.

Section 2 Supplements are both complementary and synergistic with the 'first choice' supplements.

Section 3 Supplements are considered beneficial for preliminary digestive system cleansing. While optional, they can offer an additional positive process to improving health and wellbeing.

Table of Beneficial Nutritional Supplements

This information is offered as an introduction (in brief) to supplements, herbs, foods and substances known to help with women's health between the ages of 45-65 years of age. This information is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment and it is suggested that sound advice is taken by an appropriately qualified practitioner.

The supplements highlighted are generally considered to be 'first choice', while the additional selected supplements are complementary.

Supplement Suggestions for Women 45 – 65

First Choice Supplements

Nutrient Formula Daily Intake Initial Period Intake Ongoing
Vitamins MultiVitamin-Mineral 1 twice daily 2 weeks 1 daily 1 daily
Minerals Magnesium 1 twice daily 4 weeks 1-2 daily for 3 months 1 daily
Joint and Bone Support 1 daily 4 weeks 1-2 daily for 3 months 1 daily
Beneficial Fats Essential Fatty Acid Complex 1 twice daily 2 weeks 1 daily 1 daily


Complementary Supplements

Nutrient Formula Daily Intake Initial Period Intake Ongoing
Vitamins Antioxidant with Co-Q10 1 twice daily 4 weeks 1 daily 1 daily
Minerals GTF Chromium + Antioxidants 1 daily 1 daily 1 daily 1 daily
Minerals Zinc & Copper 1 twice daily 4 weeks 1-2 daily for 3 months 1 daily


Cleansing Supplements

Nutrient Formula Daily Intake Initial Period Intake Ongoing
Herbals Caprylic Acid Complex 1 twice daily 30 days 1 daily 2 months


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