Orgono Silica: Anti-aging Properties

Orgono Living Silica is a fundamental part of the anti-aging program created by nutritional expert Victoria Baras, author of the European best seller Natural Anti-aging. Copies of this book are scheduled for release and sale in the United States soon.

The reasons why Orgono Living Silica is preferred in Ms. Baras's anti-aging program as well as others is simple: aging is associated with a decrease in the silica content of the body. This observation has been interpreted as an indication of why we need to consider silica supplements as we advance in years. Silica may play a preventive role in aging and premature aging considering the role it plays in promoting collagen production, maintaining the youthful appearance of hair, skin, and nails and supporting many bodily processes.

It appears that silica should be seen as an essential element in the maintenance of youth and vitality of the body. Hence, no anti-aging program should be without a silica supplement. Orgono Living Silica is the best way to obtain optimal bioavailability and absorption of this essential mineral as demonstrated by studies.

The anti-aging benefits of Orgono Living Silica are also supported by anecdotal evidence. Matrix Nutrients often receives testimonials from customers detailing their experience and incredible results. To be honest, we are not surprised. These customers talk about their recovery and improvements in mobility, as well as unexpected benefits like sleeping better, enhanced digestion and feeling much more energetic and alert.

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