Avesa Wellness Water System: Replacement Filter Pre-Carbon


Replacement Pre-Carbon filter for the Avesa Wellness Water System.


Avesa Wellness Water System: Replacement Filter Pre-Carbon, "PURIFY"  Keeps the hydrogen ion concentration between 7.5 and 8.5, this alkaline filter removes free radicals which can cause aging in the human body. Offers an ORP (anti oxidant value) of -300mV. Has antibiotic qualities. Includes minerals:  Ca, K, Mg, Na and offers negative ions to the water. Useful life is 7,200 liters of water. Change semi-annually.


  • One Pre-Carbon Filter

The Pre-Carbon Filter is recommended for replacement every six months, for a typical family with daily usage.

Suitable for both the above counter and under counter models.

The Avesa Water System: Replacement Filter Pre-Carbon uses 5 filters, 4 of which require periodic changing. The Crystal Boost Technology® filter does not require changing.

Recommended Changing Schedule based on family usage:

  • Sediment Filter
    • Every 3 months if there is no other filter on the house water, otherwise, every 6 months.
  • Pre-Carbon Filter
    • Every 6 months
  • Post-Carbon Filter
    • Every 6 months
  • Alkali Ceramic Filter
    • Every year

Note: A single person or couple will have longer filter life due to less overall water usage.



Additional information

Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 11.5 × 2.35 × 3.125 in
Uses: Water Filter Replacements