Nutrients and Supplements for Men 18-45

This is a special time of need for men, as they enter and navigate career options. There are needs at the start of this age range for continued development physically and mentally. It is also a time when physical and emotional stress are often present.

It is good to remember that stress is a subtle process, and we adapt more and more to levels of stress. However, we do not always adequately supply all the nutrients necessary to the central nervous system, or indeed the correct fuels to help proper brain function.

As stress levels increase, sleep is often disrupted without adequate nutrition.

An optimum dietary intake of nutrients is required to meet the evolving needs that men experience, both from the physical and the emotional perspectives.

In physical terms, the increased need may be considered as obtaining those nutrients that support physical well-being and energy production. Maintenance of good health is not merely the absence of poor or ill health. This is a time when positive nutritional foundations are required to cope adequately with daily life, building up physical resources for work and recreational time, and also preparing for "middle age".

This is a phase when following the principles of "living well" really repay dividends for a healthy life. Key dietary requirements include ensuring that adequate water is taken daily, and this is generally accepted to be between 2-3 liters a day.

Water contributes almost 60% of the total weight of the human body. The human body can lose over two liters of water each day through the normal function of the kidneys and perspiration.

Water is known to help reduce tiredness and fatigue. Increased water intake helps the process of weight loss in those who want or need to reduce weight. Two or three liters a day is the recommendation.


The following supplements that are known to be helpful are divided into three groups.

Section 1 Supplements are considered 'first choice'.

Section 2 Supplements are both complementary and synergistic with the 'first choice' supplements.

Section 3 Supplements are considered beneficial for preliminary digestive system cleansing. While optional, they can offer an additional positive process to improving health and wellbeing.

Table of Beneficial Nutritional Supplements

This information is offered as an introduction to supplements, herbs, foods and substances known to help with men's health between the ages of 18-45. This information is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment and it is suggested that sound advice is taken by an appropriately qualified practitioner. The supplements highlighted are generally considered to be 'first choice', while the additional selected supplements are complementary.

Supplement Suggestions for Men 18-45

First Choice Supplements

Nutrient Formula Daily Intake Initial Period Intake Ongoing
Vitamins MultiVitamin-Mineral 1 twice daily 2 weeks 1 daily 1 daily
Anti-Oxidant with Co-Q10 1 twice daily 4 weeks 1-2 daily for 3 months 1 daily
Minerals Magnesium 1 twice daily 4 weeks 1-2 daily for 3 months 1 daily


Complementary Supplements

Nutrient Formula Daily Intake Initial Period Intake Ongoing
Beneficial Fats Essential Fatty Acid Complex 1 twice daily 2 weeks 1 daily 1 daily
Minerals Zinc & Copper 1 twice daily 4 weeks 1-2 daily for 3 months 1 daily
GTF Chromium + Antioxidants 1 daily 1 daily 1 daily 1 daily


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. None of this information regarding food-matrix nutrients or our products is intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.